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Generative AI

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modularity to fit enterprise needs.”

industry-leading flow builder and high

conversational AI platform with an

“Elloe.AI is a powerful low-code


Head of Conversational Experiences

Nikolai Berenbrock

and governance.”

common framework for global scaling

flexible enough for any use cases and a

“With Elloe.AI, we have a tool that is


Head of New Technologies

Christian Hohmann

virtual agent in minutes.”

non-IT people can develop a functioning

“The platform does what it promises:

Salzburg AG


Digital Manager Chatbot & Social

Sarah Haider

What Our Customers Have to Say

Build advanced conversational experiences with the

ability to code directly inside Elloe.AI Flow Editor.

Built-in IDE

Agents within any integrated developer environment.

CI/CD pipelines and source control to let you manage AI

integrates into complex

Command Line Interface


Full-Featured Developer CLI



with 100% platform

documented, fully secured

Access every feature of Elloe.AI via our well-

Open API

Tailor pre-built Extensions easily or develop your custom

integration fast leveraging hundreds of free-to-use plug-

ins and code samples in our public repository.

Flexible Extension Framework

If you like to code, Elloe Virtual Agents provides all the

flexibility you need to customize and extend your

Conversational AI project without limits.

Developers should be able to build and manage AI agents on

their terms in the environment they choose.

Loved by Developers

Handle thousands of conversations concurrently

granular data control

authentication, built-in security roles, E2E encryption and

Ensure compliance and security with enterprise

dedicated or on-premises deployments

highest reliability and limitless scalability in SaaS,

Our microservices-based infrastructure guarantees the

Put your AI workforce to work with centralized governance and a

high-performance, enterprise-grade architecture.

Scale Securely

customers will experience them

Preview flow changes in real-time – exactly how


Editor to identify friction and fine-tune service

Follow live interactionson the fly – right in the Flow

or by using AI-simulated conversations

Automate testing with standard conversation patterns

Create your perfect CX and iterate fast by integrating real-world

feedback into the conversation design process. Accelerate QA

and maintain a reliable AI workforce while growing your service.

Optimize Efficiently

Leverage prebuilt channel connectors

interfaces (REST, Socket, Webhook)

minutes or connect to any touchpoint via standard

to deploy within

and messaging

Auto-convert content formatacross channels – voice

development, staging, and production environments

Easily package and migrate AI agents

Launch AI agents on any channel in any language while

maintaining a global execution logic to deliver a consistent

experience throughout.

Deploy Universally

with rich-media responses – faster than ever

Premade Flow Nodes: Craft smart, interactive dialogues

Generative AI

with pre-configured Nodes in seconds leveraging

AI-Assisted Flow Creation: Generate execution flows

agent desktop in a few clicks from a built-in Marketplace

Turnkey Extensions: Connect backend systems and

Be it voice, chat, or multimodal experiences, our drag-and-drop

Flow Editor lets you design engaging dialogues in no time while

readily embedding AI Agents into contact center workflows.

Build Quickly

Workforce Management

The Only Engine you Need for 360° AI

orchestrate AI workforce at scale.

multidisciplinary teams to collaborate on service transformation projects and

Give business users control over customer experiences. Empower

and chat

concurrent conversations supported – voice


1000 monthly conversations (Robert Bosch)

development time for one AI agent to have

2 days

digital assistants (

hours each agent could save annually with


Designed to help you run your AI workforce with maximum efficiency.

optimize conversational experiences – without coding.

market-proven graphical flow editor enables anyone to create, deploy, and

Built on Elloe’s experience from thousands of enterprise projects, our

AI Agents for Everyone, Built by Anyone

creating and managing AI workforce at speed and scale

experienced developer, Elloe Virtual Agents is your one-stop shop to

Whether you are an avid conversation designer, business user, or

The most powerful, simplest AI

automation engine for scaling first-

class conversational experiences





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