Omnichannel Experience

Deliver Omnichannel Experiences with Generative AI​

Show up for customers on the channels they love. Deliver a modern customer experience with an AI Agent for social media, web, mobile, and SMS – no additional headcount needed.

Every channel, even voice

We have voice, email, chat, and social messaging on one beautiful screen.

Intuitive user experience

Transform the agent experience by providing a consistent, intuitive UX.

Prioritize across channels

Ensure urgent inquiries are always handled first, regardless of channel.

Resolve more inquiries in digital channels

No matter where your customers are writing–or calling–from, you can answer them, straight from Elloe, right out of the box. It’s not a plugin. It’s not an added feature with a hidden cost. To us, it’s the foundation on which great customer experiences are built.

Multichannel Multimodal Experience​

Empower your users with multiple modalities of interaction across digital and voice within a conversation request. Users can move seamlessly between different channels during the same customer engagement for a seamless experience.

Predefined Channel Connectors

Elloe provides support for a variety of channels and endpoints from Webchat, Messaging – Slack, MS Teams, Social – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Webhook, Form Intercept, Phone/IVR, Voice, Email, and API.

Built-in Support for over 100+ Languages

Supports over 100+ languages and recognizes more than one trillion phrases. With built-in language detection, it responds to employee and customer requests seamlessly in their preferred language and channel of choice.

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