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Resolve more customer service inquiries with an AI Agent that uses knowledge of your company, products, and policies to craft resolutions as unique as the customer it’s serving

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Get A Holistic Customer View with Generative AI & Automation

Elloe’s AI-powered Support Intelligence (AISI) platform analyzes vast amounts of customer data to glean valuable insights to help drive customer success with analytics to stay on top of customer health, sentiment, satisfaction, and revenue management.

Churn and Health Analytics

AI Support Intelligence ingests, prepares, and models data over hundreds of risk factors to predict churn and health metrics along with preventative insights.

Real-Time Sentiment and Emotion Insights

Autonomously detect customer sentiment, tone, and emotion in live or offline support channels to predict and prevent customer escalations and promote retention.

Predict and Deflect Escalations

Assess tone, sentiment, and severity among several other signals within support tickets and take preventative steps even before escalations happen with our powerful escalation prediction tool.

Integrations and Workflows

Seamlessly connect your ticketing, CRM, and collaborative systems with our out-of-the-box integrations to generate insights, automate early warning, implement proactive and preventive workflows, and improve the overall support experience.

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