AICX for Customer Support

10x your team’s talent with AI and automation.

Step into the future of customer service, where AI and automation are not just industry buzzwords, but the driving force behind exceptional customer experiences.

Cut Support Costs

Eliminate the need for human intervention, proactively resolve requests, reduce errors, efficiently handle growing workloads, and seamlessly scale for optimal efficiency – Do more with less.

Boost Productivity

Maximize productivity by automating requests across IT, HR, Finance, Facilities, Legal, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Contact Centers, enabling higher-value tasks for agents.

Increase Satisfaction

Trigger workflows through natural language interactions, accelerate task completion, and enable self-service, lowering the time it takes to resolve requests from days or hours to seconds.

Generate AI Workflows​

Leverage automated processes to ingest, parse, and process knowledge base articles while evaluating their suitability as a zero-shot (as-is) or conversation flow, where the KB articles are converted into AI workflows based on organization and content.

Third-Party Workflow Execution

Eliminate the need to re-create AI workflows and decrease development time by seamlessly importing existing workflows or by triggering them from 3rd party systems like UiPath, Workato, ServiceNow, and more.

LLM-Powered AI Workflow Library

Utilize 3,000+ pre-built and third-party LLM-powered AI workflows to auto-remediate requests and minimize the need for human intervention. Elloe AI workflows can be triggered conversationally through system events, webhooks, schedules, and event data posted from other systems.

No-Code Visual Studio

With Elloe’s No-Code studio, you can build automations with a drag-and-drop interface and orchestrate tasks and actions across multiple applications. Users can also leverage Aisera’s pre-built workflow library for turnkey automation.

Key Insights into Workflow Analytics

Elloe provides detailed analytics that give visibility into service gaps and common user behaviors. Identify bottlenecks and pinpoint where drop-offs are occurring while auto-streamlining workflows over time with Elloe’s comprehensive insights dashboard and reports.

On-Premises and Cloud Execution of Workflows

Deploy workflows and automations that span cloud-only, on-premises remote workflows only, or a hybrid of cloud and on-premises applications that work for a variety of environments.

Do More with Elloe AI

Converse Smartly

Create a seamless customer journey by starting to strike a conversation, welcoming your customers, enabling customers to self-serve, and closing the conversation in a meaningful way.

Omnichannel Presence
Be available for your customers, anywhere, anytime. From Facebook to Whatsapp, Website to In-app, everywhere! Extend your customer support exactly where your customers are looking for you.
Out-of-the-box Integrations

Connect with any app instantly. Access your ticketing system quickly while talking to your customers. supports about 10+ CRM/ticketing software to give you a seamless conversational experience.