Agent Assist

Your ultimate virtual assistant with
proactive notifications & resolutions

Reduce Support Costs

Provide significant cost savings by automating routine and repetitive support tickets with recommended solutions from similar and previously solved tickets

Optimize Agent Performance

Increase efficiency with automated ticket classification, routing, and correlation, optimizing processes and saving valuable time and resources

Reduce Resolution Times

Empower your agents to deliver fast service with helpful suggestions based on context, customer intent, and sentiment

Continuous AI Learning

Improve prediction accuracy and recommendations by learning from historical conversations, user activities, tickets, knowledge base articles, and agent interactions

Adaptive AI Learning: Understand Every Customer, Every Time

Elloe is built on top of ML and NLP/NLU that recognizes what your customers say even if they speak colloquially. It collects valuable information, resolves common customer issues, connects people to the right agents and does more, all by itself. Unless the bot doesn’t understand a query, your human agents can spend time focusing on important tasks. We bet that’s a rarity.

Build Your Own Skills with Elloe's AI Copilot Studio

Build skills in Elloe’s AI Copilot Studio to save time for your users while increasing productivity. Elloe’s AI Copilot Studio combines the power of prompts with workflows to create context-aware skills. Build skills like creating an email template and generating an expense report to save your users time and effort.

Boost Agent Performance with Real-time Recommendations

Elloe AI Assist elevates the support experience, boosting agent productivity and user satisfaction. Elloe AI Assist automatically deflects tickets, summarizes cases, and generates natural-language answers in popular ticketing systems like Salesforce and Zendesk. 

Semantic Search

Enable real-time, automatic, and agent-invoked searches using large language models within the enterprise knowledge base for accurate and relevant search results

Ensure Success with the TRAPS Framework

Elloe’s AI Copilot is built upon the TRAPS Framework, which aims to accelerate time-to-value of Generative AI while addressing and minimizing potential risks. With this framework, Elloe delivers an enterprise AI Copilot that is trusted, responsible, auditable, private, and secure.

Integrate your favorite apps — or build your own

Take back your browser tabs. Integrate your apps, data, and channels into the same tool you use to message your customers.